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Agadir Holidays: Enjoy Sun Holidays

Blessed with extensive crescent white sandy beach and a enchanting natural environment flaunting a unique blend of sun and sea, Agadir is a fascinating vacation hot spot that most travelers worldwide plan to visit during their holidays. The unique location of Agadir at the base of Anti-Atlas Mountains and in the southern Atlantic coast in Morocco makes it a perfect resort spot for travelers to have splendid time. So, if you have plans to spend your coming holidays in Agadir, learning about key tourist attractions can make your trip more interesting. Scroll down to discover more about holidays in Agadir.

Tour Through Essaouira

Make sure you visit Essaouira, one of the spellbinding seaside towns in Morocco. It gains the fame of being listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Intricate carvings on the fascinating buildings and narrow streets are sure to impress you. Don’t miss visiting the Museum of Sidi Mohamed ben Abdullah when visiting this fabulous city in Morocco. Click photos of old stunning blue doors of the buildings.

Taste Moroccan Cuisine

As you visit Agadir, you get a great opportunity to taste delicious Moroccan cuisine, which is a scrumptious blend of various cultures of Morocco. This Moroccan delicacy is a fabulous blend of Arabic, Mediterranean, Andalusian, and Berber cuisine that will leave you licking your fingers.

Unwind At Taghazout Beach In Agadir

Agadir is blessed with spectacular, pleasant beaches, and you just can’t afford to miss visiting Taghazout Beach when holidaying in Agadir. Relax from daily busy life and enjoy typical Moroccan fashion life at Taghazout Beach. Also, you can enjoy surfing to the fullest here.

Explore At Souk el Ahad Market

Souk el Ahad is a fascinating shopping spot for visitors and shoppers visiting Agadir. It is the third biggest market that you can find in the North Africa. Access a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, species, fragrant herbs. Shop lovely Moroccan lamps, wooden carved items, ceramics, and silverware. Buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and relatives by purchasing babouches and leatherware in this attractive market during your holidays to Agadir.

Just like tourists enjoying their mauritius holidays, you can allow the warmth of a bright sun to rejuvenate your senses on the beaches of Agadir. Enjoy a host of fun-filled water sports, such as surfing and swimming while visiting the beautiful beaches of this Moroccan city. Kids too can enjoy safe water activities, such as surfing, with proper guidance and trekking at Souss Park.

Flamingo Oriental Night Club

Dance at the tunes of latest hits at Flamingo Oriental Night Club, one of the most popular nightlife clubs in Agadir. This club is more vibrant on Saturdays as locals and tourists both visit it during weekend to enjoy and hit the dance floor.

So, if you are planning to visit Agadir to spend your vacations and wondering which the best time to visit it is, you can visit it any time of the year. September is conducive for swimming. You can choose to visit Agadir during summer i.e. during July and August to unwind at the beaches. So, waste no time in booking your cheap holidays to Agadir, just pack your backs, and head to Agadir to enjoy your vacations.

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