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Krabi Holidays: Savour the Enchanting Natural Surroundings

Krabi is a province on southern Thailand's west coast. Most of the province is covered by national parks, while it also comprises of numerous islands. During your holidays in this Thai province, you would get to enjoy some excellent water sports and explore the sandy beaches on its islands. The rich natural beauty of the islands in this province is also one of the reasons why plenty of travellers from different parts of the world arrive in this region every year.

Treat yourself with Khanom Jeen

You would love the rice noodles, sauces, and vegetables that are used in making Khanom Jeen. The main ingredient in this inexpensive dish of Krabi is rice noodles that you can cover with the desired sauce. Additions to this mixture include fresh and pickled vegetables, hardboiled eggs, and dried, roasted chillies. You can visit any of the restaurants or food stalls during your Krabi holidays and order this mouth-watering treat.

Chill out on the white sands of Phra Nang Beach

A 10-minute walk from Railay would take you to Phra Nang Beach, which has everything you would want to relax your senses. This beach has some massive cliffs, a wonderful cave, and powdery white sands, in addition to a 5-star resort. You can also find some Thai individuals selling drinks, massages, and barbequed food during your time spent on this beach.

Shop at the Klong Muang Plaza

If you want to shop for some gifts or souvenirs, head to the Klong Muang Plaza. Your cheap holidays to Krabi would fetch you greater savings to buy antiques or handicrafts from the square’s excellent shops. Many tourists are reminded of their marrakech holidays and the souvenirs purchased from the souks of the Moroccan city upon shopping for antiques and handicrafts in the shops of Krabi. You can also find beauty parlours, boutiques, massage parlours and cafes while exploring Klong Muang Plaza. The quiet and relaxed surroundings of this square would definitely enhance your shopping experience.

Spend an entire day Rock Climbing

The enchanting limestone cliffs near some of the beaches in Krabi are ideal for enjoying rock climbing. Expert guides offer rock climbing sessions that would help you learn the basics of this adventurous activity. Usually, the sessions start in the morning and continue until afternoon. After a break of about an hour, the afternoon session teaches the practical aspects of the training. This involves practising the moves on a secured rope in the presence of the instructor.

Enjoy an all-night beach party at Freedom Bar

If you are looking to party all night under a full moon, Freedom Bar would be the right choice. This bar is located on the Ton Sai Beach at a short distance from Railay West. It is famous for hosting regular, all-night beach parties for tourists depending on the mood of the owner and the season. You can have plenty of fun in this bar with your favourite drinks and some live shows.

Krabi is warm throughout the year, but the hottest periods in this region are the months of September, October, April and May. The best time to visit this Thai province is from the month of November to March. Home and Away Holidays offers Krabi holiday packages that include the best locations of the province and save your travel costs to a great extent.


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