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Visit the Red City with Low Cost Holidays to Marrakech 

A former imperial city of Morocco, Marrakech is located to the north of Atlas Mountains. It was founded in the year 1062 by the cousin of king Yusuf ibn Tashfin, Bakr ibn Umar. Many buildings were constructed during this period using red sandstone, and this resulted in the city being nicknamed as the 'Red City'.

Today, Marrakech has become a modern city and is expanding rapidly, but it has still managed to keep its rich culture and traditions alive. The low cost holidays to Marrakech give you excellent opportunities to get the best of this region's cultural gifts in its souks or open-air marketplaces.

Carpets, pottery, lanterns and leather items are abundantly available in these areas. You would enjoy a unique shopping experience in these souks of Marrakech. The Medina of Marrakesh is one of its popular attractions. A 'medina' refers to an old part of a city or town and is found in several countries of North Africa.

The narrow alleyways in the medina of Marrakech comprise mainly of traditional Moroccan homes, shrines, artisan workshops and markets. If you are looking out for experiences similar to the Bahamas Holidays with some excellent beaches, you can find quite a few enchanting ones located just a few kilometres away from the city.

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