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Explore a Rich History with Low Cost Holidays to Antalya

An astonishing natural beauty of Antalya instantly impresses you with breathtaking waterfalls, marvellous beaches and beautiful national parks. King Attalus II of Pergamon is considered to be the founder of this city, and it was named 'Attaleia' in his honour. Besides all the natural beauty of Antalya, you would be fascinated by its history that dates back to 150 BC.

The low cost holidays to Antalya would allow you to explore its unique culture. The city's cuisine offers some delicious dishes. They include 'Sis Kofte', a spicy meatball cooked around a stick, and the signature dish known as 'Piyaz', made with a condiment called 'Tahini', walnuts, boiled beans and garlic. You can also get to know the city's rich heritage by visiting its museums and join the locals in celebrations if you are visiting the region during festive occasions. 

You have plenty of activities to choose from while enjoying your low cost holiday in this region. If you wish to do something different, you can try rafting. A Jeep safari around the Taurus Mountains can also be a great idea to savour some panoramic views and visit the traditional villages. You can also play golf in one of the city's golf courses or go shopping for gifts or souvenirs.

It does not come as a surprise that this city is known as the Turkish Riviera. Many tourists visiting Antalya's beaches are instantly reminded of their beach holidays to Dubai upon seeing the clear waters and bright sunshine. They are located along the coastline that spans an area of more than 600 kilometres. They can also enjoy enchanting views of pine trees on the Taurus Mountains nearby.

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